Meet Your Future

Forget about swipes 👋

It's time for something new!

We have developed AI dating app, able to scan information from subconscious, look for kindred spirits and help these people to meet offline.

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  • This is not a regular dating

    We could talk about online dating issues for hours, but paradox of choice and dopamine addiction is one of them.

  • Initially it looks like love

    Our bot is able to reveal the subconscious images of a perfect partner and introduce people, having the same subconscious images, to each other.

  • Relax while AI works

    We send notifications exclusively when finding someone, who matches exactly the one you are looking for, instead of showing thousands of profiles

AI Dating App

Unison Dating is a powerful AI service for singles

Dating Chat
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AI Dating App
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How does the first imprinting dating service work?

  • 1

    Start Unison Dating App

    Sign up and take a short test, which will help your AI to find out a partner, who really suits you

  • 2

    Meet with a suitable partner

    Our bot will choose the most suitable partner for you, then offer to chat in order to make you getting to know each other better

  • 3

    Go on a date

    Our AI will propose you to meet with the partner offered somewhere in the city center establishments, if you like each other, or will find another partner, if you refuse from meeting with him. 

  • 4

    Build relationships

    Build relationships

    Functions for couples, which will help you and your future partner to constantly monitor your relationship, avoiding breakup and imbalance, are coming soon.

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About love from a scientific POV

Wish to find out what the love is?
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Meet without stress

We provide convenient dating process, consisting of pairs formation once per week and inviting people to meet with each other

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We both introduce people and conduct scientific research