Terms of Use

Document summary

Please carefully look through at least the current item, if you do not have time to read the whole document. Here is collected all the required information about agreement and service usage rules.

  • The service is intended for dating;
  • You confirm that you accept all the service rules once you start using the service;
  • We carefully use your personal data; 
  • Personal data is required to ensure appropriate system operation and better potential partner search process;
  • We are the only ones worldwide, using the imprinting method in dating (online dating); 
  • Imprinting is the unconscious imprinting effect;
  • Our know-how is an imprinting decryption system;
  • We use our users’ photos in order to form photos dataset;
  • We are looking for the best potential partners for each service user based on datasets comparisons while using (с) «Unison» technology;
  • The search occurs automatically and the service employees can’t influence the search result themselves;
  • The service is not responsible for the users’ adequacy, compliance with photographs and users’ behavior;
  • But we make every effort to provide our service with friendly and adequate users with the only purpose – to build serious relationships;
  • The current service provides information to the authorities exclusively within the current legislation;
  • Payment in the service is charged for the first-priority opportunity provision in order to search for potential partners and other services as well;
  • We have got a special attitude to people, having «non-traditional» orientation. But currently we cooperate with heterosexual couples only.

The current Terms of Use info

The current long text consists of the rules, which UNISON company complies with, in order to build convenient relationships with the current service users. We have tried to anticipate all cases of disagreement and disclaim any liability, which may arise within the current service usage process.

We use the following names: UNISON service, Unison dating, Unison bot, partner selection technology (c) Unison, etc. 

What is an offer

Our company’s operation is based on the special agreement basis, which does not require to be signed in order to be an official document. You just need to start using our service in order to accept the current agreement on the terms basis, available below.

It is required to carefully read the current terms of use before start using UNISON service. Rather often lots of users just tick «accept» button without reading the current text. It is strictly recommended to carefully read the whole text, as required by the law. 

Your consent

Once started using the current service, you confirm that you:

  • have read the terms of use in full and accepted all the terms without any exceptions;
  • The current Terms of Use are subject to change by the company without any notice. New edition comes into force once being posted on the website or on other company’s resources, unless otherwise provided by the new Terms of Use version. 

The user should stop using «UNISON» service in case of disagreement with the current Terms of Use.

How does the system work?

UNISON dating service is intended for dating with further goal to create family and relationships. All other usage methods are deemed invalid and users, violating them, will be blocked.

How do we use your photos and personal data?

We compose several datasets in order to find the best partner. Datasets are the information blocks, processed by us while using our own algorithms. It is required to take several photos of the person and several photos of people he/she likes.

We determine photo value degree by using various signs of uploaded photos (including size, shooting date, device, used to take the photo, the fact whether the photo was edited or not, etc.). Besides we look for photo takes and the surroundings of these photos, highlighting the tonality by using open source information.

We can neither interfere with the datasets content, nor change the algorithm. Our main goal is to apply the scientific method without loss.

How secure is it to provide data to UNISON?

Data provision process safety level is similar to the one, actual for such data provision to any other service in the Russian Federation. We use the data with the only purpose - implement the goals stated.

Data usage rights

We provide our systems usage rights to any user within a simple (non-exclusive) license, i.e., you are entitled to use the system as an individual in any country, providing an access to the system.

Data, owned and uploaded by the users to the system, can be mutually accessed. We are obliged to avoid violating the privacy and publishing anything, able to identify users. Besides the user is obliged to take appropriate measures to ensure his own data security (including personal data).

Paid services

We provide several paid functions in order to develop the service. We get payment and invest it again to ensure the service development. We try to keep the payment at a level, affordable for everyone.

The main paid service is the preemptive right provision package to search for partners. Those, who have paid for the service, are provided with the advanced system functions. Payment is charged weekly or monthly by debiting from the card, connected to the service.

It is required to change the system settings in the payment system, connected to the interface being used (for example, Telegram bot) in order to disable payment.

Other paid services may be based on other system functionality. But note that perhaps they currently do not exist, when you are reading the current Terms of Use. Besides they may provide different payment scheme, for example, one-time payment.  


We disclaim any responsibility. It is usually said that the service is provided on an «as is» basis.

We guarantee neither error-free and uninterrupted operation, nor the service compliance with the user’s specific goals and expectations. We don’t guarantee data reliability, accuracy, completeness and timeliness, provided by the service, and we do not provide any other guarantees, either specified or not specified in the current Terms of Use.

We are not responsible for consequences of usage or refuse from the current service usage. However, be sure to note, that nothing will happen in your life unless you try something.

The actions prohibited

It is prohibited to upload, store, publish, distribute any information, which can be perceived as toxic, dangerous, defamatory or violating the immunity of third parties.

Besides it is prohibited to post:

  • Advertising and propaganda;
  • Something obscene;
  • Something that violates the law.

Terms of Use Relevance

The current Terms of Use is applied to everything, that was stated previously, unless the update or new version is available. The current Terms of Use is subject to be changed at any time without notice.

✅ Version dated 04 May 2022