Popular questions

Carefully look through this page, if you’d like to learn more about the current service!

  • Whether the current dating service is intended to make people fall in love instead of senseless acquaintances?

    Yes, of course. Our system is based on the scientific partner selection method, which results in falling in love. Besides are result-oriented results instead of being focused on repeating the dopamine cycles, causing addiction among people and bringing them to applications over and over again.

    We are working on forming a properly balanced couple, in which there will be love and harmony for many years.

  • What will my photos be used for?

    Photos are used in order to form a dataset. The machine learning (artificial intelligence-based) system compares user's personal dataset with other user’s one to find the most suitable matches. 

  • Other useful paid services coming soon.

    I am a journalist and want to try the system before writing about Unison. What should I pay attention to?

    You risk to make a lot of mistakes during the registration process since you are not motivated to get to know each other and, perhaps, you will be blocked before reaching the first result.

    Please note that you must be firmly convinced that you want to start a family or serious relationship in order to get a complete understanding of the system. Feel free to contact us by hello@unison.dating and we’ll provide the system demo and statistics data. 

  • What is the system operation way?

    The operation basis consists of revealing the most favorable phenotype while using imprinting decoding. In simple terms, we determine the most suitable person image for each user and enable these people to meet in real life.

  • You ask me to upload photos of those people, whom I like. Why do you ask this and how will such photos be used?

    We need to realize the phenotypic characteristics changes dynamics of favorable images. The search result will be much worse, if such photos are absent.

  • You are destroying marriages because you provide users with better options of beloved ones than they currently have. Lots of people are sure that your system is a real miraculousness.

    In fact, an unhappy marriage destruction looks more like happiness, than a tragedy. Life is too short to live in a traumatic and toxic relationship. Let yourself to be happy and learn how beautiful is it - to love and be loved.

  • What is the difference between Unison from other dating services?

    Popular dating systems are based on a visual filter (Tinder-like systems) and have got an extremely low objective assessment of the dating effectiveness - these systems do not fulfill their functions despite the seeming acquaintances simplicity.

    Our team is striving to work precisely in order to achieve our main goal – provide people with a chance meet with a completely suitable person in order to start a relationship.

  • How much and what should I pay for?

    Currently it is required to pay for the subscription, which provides unlimited search options and large partners range. Actual cost is shown when making payment. It is allowed to unsubscribe at any time. All prices are selected given that any user can afford a paid service. 

  • How may I contact you to obtain a franchise or a system usage license in another country?

    We may cooperate with local partners in the Internet marketing field, PR and various Internet projects promotion forms. For example, we can provide a priority right to promote the system while using large local partners’ help or purchase the ability to install the system to manufacturers' phones within preinstalled programs package. Submit your proposal to hello@unison.dating

  • Who will see my photos?

    The system has got three photo types, which can be uploaded by the user himself.

    The first type is own profile photo, which will be seen by a potential partner only, whom we will choose for you.

    The second type is your own “selfies” to form a dataset. Nobody sees these photos except for our algorithm.

    The third type is people photos, being the most attractive for each particular user. Such photos are not seen by anyone, except for our algorithm.

    I.e., just one photo will be seen by your potential partner — a profile photo. 

  • How long does it take to find the perfect match for me?

    It depends on both the base fullness in the region, where you are meeting and luck as well. Anyway, our service helps to form such a loving couple much faster, compared with traditional dating services (Tinder-model and others).

  • I am an investor and would like to continue investing.

    Feel free to contact Maxim Shcheglov and Sergey Sigitov, the system creators, directly at invest@unison.dating. We will inform you about the current investment requirement and preferred conditions. We are considering private investments and commercial funds, specializing in b2c model and direct monetization.

    You can’t get helped or report refunds at this address. All similar requests should be sent to Support Service.