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Futuristic AI-Dating Service

🥵 It’s a commonly known fact that nowadays most dating websites’ and apps’ goals have nothing common with dating.

Such services’ real goals are making users to get involved in swipes, searches and likes and come back to spend more money on dubious features. In fact, all modern dating services are gamification.

Almost all dating services imply registration, daily viewing of certain profiles number, communication with some candidates, frustration that no one is suitable, then pause and return in a while - i.e., all actions are the same...

Currently we are engaged in a new dating approach implementation — algorithmic comparison of partners' subconscious images

Our service is a real dating system, developed especially for science-based dating

We provide the transition from online dating to real-life meetings and contribute to further relationships strengthening.

How do we achieve that?

Today most services are quantity-driven and strive to provide thousands of options and allow you to find out someone, who might be suitable for you. But our team fully changes this approach – first we match the most suitable pairs, hereby switching from endless search to effective automation.

Our basic concept is scientifically based and carefully implemented in order to both minimize negative user background and improve our service efficiency.

Why is it important?

Dating industry has remained largely unchanged for decades since the first websites emergence and smartphones and mobile apps rise. So, we are really frustrated with the current solutions, being completely harmful to humans. Our team is sure that AI is able to revolutionize its operation way.

Our main goal is to develop a product, able to generate a large new and lasting social ties number, because it contributes to society development and benefits for each of its members.

Dream Team

We are IT, online dating and social media marketing professionals, engaged in technology potential development to expand human relationships

  • Photo 2022 08 03 08.26.21
    Maksim Shcheglov

    ex Promenad

  • Sigitov
    Sergey Sigitov

    ex Mamba

  • Andrei Nigmatulin

    ex Bumble & Badoo

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